22nd Nov 2022

Cryptocurrency, NFT’s and the Conveyancing Space

Economic climate, political instability and rapid advances in technology have introduced alternative methods of payment, investment, and exchange. A consequence of this are more frequent enquiries […]
25th Oct 2022

The practice and technology (eDRS)

John West Hendriks writes: Not too long ago, an early morning at the office was met with clattering of the typebars from the typewriters, hitting down […]
15th Sep 2022


‘’In sickness and in health…’till death do us part…’’ These two sentences are part of the marriage vows, but what happens with regards to finances when […]
8th Sep 2022

Buying and Selling Property: Who Pays What Costs?

When buying or selling real estate, don’t take the chance of not knowing what you’re doing. By carefully budgeting for the costs you will incur—some of […]
1st Mar 2022

From 1 February, the Property Practitioners Act will affect you as a property seller, buyer, landlord, or tenant

On February 1, 2022, the Property Practitioners Act (“PPA”) takes effect. It has far-reaching implications for everyone in the real estate sector, but in this piece, […]