Our firm is represented on the approved panel attorneys for all the major banks:


Our broad range of services caters to a diverse clientele. Banks, Real estate agencies, Property developers and international Entrepreneurs and Businesses. We utilize extensive computer technology with coordinated communication to all parties through open ended internet medium, in order to achieve speedy & hassle free turnaround of property transactions. Any party involved is able to follow the progress of that particular transaction on the internet, by accessing the Ghost Convey Website at www.ghostenquiry.co.za, with a password and username. Short progress reports are also sent to the parties via sms and email.


We are the proud 2nd place holders out of more than 200 of Absa Bank Home loans panel attorneys in the Western and Eastern Cape Province. Each panel attorney was evaluated on the volume of bonds received, turnaround time to register each bond, as well as its strike rate (instructions received resulting in bonds being registered). This achievement resulted in us being fully sponsored by Absa Bank to attend the N.A.R. in San Francisco, California. Andre Muller represented the firm and is well known as attorney, conveyancer and friend amongst the banking community.

Our Conveyancing department primarily allords to sophisticated services, such as the structuring of developments, advice on associated tax implications relating to developments and other property related matters, such as commercial bonds, bonds, transfer(s) and vesting transfers. We further have extensive experience in fiduciary work and estate planning together with apart going conveyancing which has earned the firm strong and reputable clients from the Trust Industry. We further pride ourselves by on the fact that at Bellingan Muller Hanekom Inc you always have direct access to an attorney with a “hands on” approach to the clients files.